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Executive search

Board and Senior Executive positions need a focused, proactive and targeted approach, especially if the role is global, time/business-critical or a technical position. Do you want to ensure growth and a long-term, competitive advantage? Our retained, Executive Search solutions will help you achieve your goal.

IT Specialists

Our focus is our partners’ growth, pure and simple. We all are successful when the face-to-face welcoming of new developers is properly performed. Our success is defined by the best opportunities that we create for their professional achievements.

In-close cooperation

Whether we’re talking about IT Teams extension, such as on-site specialists, or recruiters to augment your company’s potential and ensure the development and completion of an end-to-end project, we have a sustained strategy and processes to make sure we accelerate growth and increase the company valuation.

Paytable Salary Survey


For the presented positions, we propose using Database Search as a sourcing method, because our consultants have developed recruitment projects for similar positions and have set up a database of candidates which could provide a good starting point. Also, taking into account the level and specificity of these positions, we believe that Direct Search is also a very applicable sourcing method to be used.

Competency-Based Interview (CBI)

Assessment Center

Aptitude and personality tests


Defining the parameters of the project:

  • Specific criteria and target companies
  • Building a list with selection/differentiation factors – decisive criteria in excluding/acceptance of the candidates.
  • Deciding the next steps. Presenting a Gantt chart for the recruitment and selection process
  • Job profile for the respective positions.
Paytable Salary Survey 2021
Paytable salary survey

Budgeting & Flexibility

Due to the very competitive recruitment market on the profiles you are looking for, we propose we assist you in validating the estimated budget for each of the positions you intend to hire.

Also, we strongly suggest you are as flexible as possible in terms of:

  • Location of candidates – as the recruitment market is very tight on the profiles you are looking for, we recommend we extend our search outside Bucharest and cover all Romania.
  • WFH - since the WFH is dictated by the pandemics, more and more IT specialists prefer to work from home 100%.
  • Form of employment – as more and more IT specialists are working as “freelancers” we suggest we keep open the possibility to hire based on PFA (Individual Authorized Person) or SRL (micro-enterprise)

Short list

  • Presentation of the eligible candidates' list, between three and five candidates/positions.
  • Your Cteq consultant will produce a ranking of the candidates for each position and will resume the selection process until the position has been filled. Cteq will also use its own database for this purpose.
  • Cteq will make available all the profiles of the interviewed candidates.
  • We will provide information regarding the current salary package of the candidates as well as their salary expectations.
  • Creating a list of candidates who have been selected for the second round of interviews.
  • Refining the standard profile
  • Continuing the recruitment for suitable candidates for the available position
It recruitment Cteq
IT recruiment Cteq

Final interviews and placement of accepted candidates

  • Setting up meetings between your team and the accepted candidates on the shortlist
  • If necessary, Cteq will offer to the interviewing team additional information on the recommended candidates; also Cteq will be available to attend the interviews you will be conducting with the candidates;
  • Checking the references for the selected candidates


Cteq will send you the progress reports in electronic format, according to the project’s chart. The following elements will be included (but not limited to) in the reports:

  • Description of the activities provided until reporting date
  • Updated information on the candidates' list (if these are available by the reporting date)
  • Shortlist: relevant candidates, non-relevant candidates for the respective position, candidates who are about to be interviewed (if available by the reporting date)
On-site placement Cteq


C# and .NET Development

Java Development

PHP Development (Zend / Symfony / Magento)

iOS / Android / Windows Mobile

SAP Consultant (BI/BO, SD, FI-CO, Master Data, Logistics)

QA (Automation/Manual)


IT Engineering

IT Security

Data Science

IT Infrastructure Architect

IT Project Management

Cloud Expert

Business and System Analysts

DevOps Engineering



    Oana Botolan

    Managing Partner

    Georgiana Catalina Paduraru

    Talent Acquisition Team Lead